Hannah Reiter

Hannah Honey Heart is an intimacy coach, tantric guide, and cosmic love alchemist. Her mission is to inspire deeper intimacy and authentic connection in people’s relationships with themselves, each other, the earth, and the universe.

As an earth lover, she looks to natural ecosystems and elemental wisdom in understanding the need for depth, diversity, and variety in our relationships.
And as a cosmic lover, she feels universal love energy. She sees love as not just something shared between two beings, but as a guiding force on this epic journey of life. It is through the understanding that love is infinite and encompasses a rainbow spectrum of emotions that our hearts can relate from a place of abundance and we can co-create sustainable, heart-centered relationships and community.
Hannah works intuitively with her clients to discover their unique path in creating the life and love they desire. She encourages authentic expression through breath, sound, movement, and speaking the truth so that each being can find their own version of bliss and embody their sexy sovereign self. She is offering heart-to-heart tantra massage sessions to open hearts to more love, and assist individuals in becoming the best lover they can be!
To discover more: eyelovecollective.com

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