Mica Michelle

Mica Michelle is living proof that healing doesn’t have to be boring. After styuding personal growth for over a decade she has created and discovered powerful methods of spiritual, phyiscal and emotional healing which excite and inspire profound transformations. Having studied the nervous system reprogramming EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) since 2009, combined with the mental reprogramming of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) she has a unique grasp on removing old programming and remapping neuropathways to heal trauma and invite you to live in your highest excitement.

Now, coalescing her knowledge with ancient Tantric wisdom Mica will show you a range of multi-dimensional healing techniques to remove any and all sexual dysfunctions and enhance your stamina and performance. She will also share domination techniques like choking, spanking, hair pulling, and how to get consent in a sexy way, keeping your partner in their full “Fuck Yes” for the ENTIRE experience. There’s no telling what a session with Mica will bring, as she also incorporates bodywork, breathwork, sensual touch and exploration into the orgasmic layers of your psyche and fantasy. You’ll leave knowing how to receive pleasure as well as attract and please partners on a much deeper level.

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