The East Coast Tantra Festival – into the wild!

May 30th – June 3rd

If you’ve ever been interested in exploring the full range Tantra – from spiritual awakening, to sacred sexuality, to just delighting more in the taste of your food and sensing the nature around you – then this is the place to do it! You will be held in a safe and encouraging space that respects all choices and aids in deeper intimacy with your own deep being.

The festival will offer many workshops throughout the day where you can “choose your own adventure” as you pick which offerings to take advantage of or perhaps you take some time to integrate and be in nature. We anchor the festival with a morning meeting to start in a good way as a tribe and an evening ceremony where we come together and are held in Tantric ritual, so you will truly feel the gift of community and connection.

The festival is held at Abrams Creek includes 20 acres of secluded Hemlock Forest and a white water stream running thru the property. You will have a choice to camp out in this natural setting or to stay in one of our furnished dorm rooms. It is central enough to be accessible to most of the region, as it is only 2.5 hours from DC or Pittsburgh.

Tantra is only the start we have a plethora of delights to set your soul on fire, including 5 rhythms, Kundalini Yoga, Biodanza, Sharing Groups, Morning Meditation, Live Concerts and DJs.

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Tantra Workshops

Embodied spirituality is about weaving all the different aspects of your life, of yourself, together. Everything is included and integrated in such a way that there is no aspect that is not God – while eating food, making love, enjoying fresh air. Ahhh Bliss!

Yoga Workshops

Yoga means union and finding a good practice helps bring together the aspirations of your heart and mind with the wisdom and abilities of your own beautiful body.

Dance Practices

Dance helps us embody ourselves, helps us bring through our soul and our spirit into the manifest realm. Discover your inner alchemist who is able to weave together worlds discover themselves more deeply and celebrate that through movement.

Music and Performance

Music has the ability to permeate our emotions and soul lifting them into life, while performance inspires and opens us to new realms through archetypes, skill and expression.

Music & Performances

Fia Forsström is a singer-/songwriter from Sweden who with a unique voice , exquisitely beautiful melodies and heart opening words which inspire and supports us in being and expressing our authentic selves. Anchoring divine wisdom and sharing it in a clear and powerful way that goes straight to the core, she reminds us of who and what we are beyond our limiting beliefs, wounds or stories. Fia’s songs guide us back home to ourselves and each other.

Tune in and let yourself be moved by these soundscapes. Accept the invitation to open up, embrace and surrender to all that is…finding that what we are looking for is already here and that we ARE worthy of life’s gifts and treasures, remembering that in any moment we may choose to open our hearts and receive the love we are yearning for in abundance. Find out more

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All the information you need to plan your festival experience, from earlybird and weekend only tickets to accommodation options and how to get to the festival – click here to find out more.


We have a range of international and local teachers in Tantra, Yoga and Dance as well as a superb collection of performers and musicians in our schedule – click here to have a look at an example schedule from last year.


The festival will take place at Abrams Creek Center located in West Virginia- a great range of indoor and outdoor workshops spaces set amongst year-round rivers and streams, and clear, clean mountain air – click here to find out more.