Alaya Love

Alaya radiates an infectious, fun-loving and empowered sensual energy. She moves through the world guided by love, intuition and pleasure, with a mission to bring heaven on earth from within and take you along for the ride!
She found her freedom and passion through kundalini tantra yoga,  tantric & shamanic practices, Egyptian alchemy, and sound healing.   With an unrelenting mission of living her authentic truth, she shares only from experiences and practices that have personally transformed her own life, and have brought her to the highest states of everyday ecstasy.
Alaya Is a certified sound therapist, energy healer, yoga & meditation teacher,  and a member of the ISTA and Tribal Tantra families. She has explored and traveled the world hosting workshops, retreats and festivals since 2014 and will be co-facilitating the Tantra Priestess Initiation retreat in Mount Shasta this fall.