Healing Temple

As well as all the workshops, concerts, parties and events at the tantra festival we also have a dedicated Healing Temple. Here there will be a small team ready for emotional support each day that can help you with any strong emotions that have been stirred up, questions about what is happening or just a good hug and a cup of tea.

In addition to this support we have arranged for some incredible bodyworkers, healers and session givers who will be offering session slots throughout the festival.  A full brochure of these will be available in the healing temple with more details and prices. Some teachers will also be offering therapies during the festival.

Cathleene Cienfuegos

Cathleene Cienfuegos is a Dakini, Tantra Counselor and Love Coach, offering individuals and couples, private session work to assist in their Spiritual and Sexual liberation and integration.

Together with Macaya she weaves ancient wisdom streams with contemporary technologies to offer unique and evolutionary sessions and classes to assist in personal growth and development for sexually curious, spiritually minded and energetically sensitive seekers. www.bliss-life.com


Maria Fazzingo

Maria’s mission is to help people feel good at home in their bodies. She journeys them through experiential and embodiment practices to clear blockages, connect with nature, rest in self realization, living in truth and to reach higher states of being. From sexuality to consciousness Maria is a loving Dakini guide humbly sharing her esoteric knowledge and her own personal experiences, growth and practices.

Having studied mostly in Europe as well as India, Maria is an advanced level certified tantra massage therapist, tantrika, energy worker and healer. She assists participants and clients to feel, realize, nurture, heal and integrate all aspects of their being – mind, body and spirit. https://m.facebook.com/mariafazzingotantrabliss/