Lisa Kleiger

Lisa Klieger is a dakini, a licensed Acupuncturist L.Ac. and a Doctor of Medical Qi Gong DMQ (China). She specializes in high level energy working on the subtle realms. This creates lasting and life transforming changes. She uses a variety of modalities to help with medical, emotional, sexual and spiritual transformation. Mind blowing energetic orgasm is a basic component of her work, the building block for clearing karma on the personal, transpersonal and cosmic planes. Her real passion is opening people to the truth that we are fucking limitless.

If you are highly sensitive, if you are unsure how to work with your own powerful energy, if you don’t feel energy but would like to, if you need help moving energy or emotions, or if you are interested in tapping into the healing energy of the cosmos and the liberation of desire then Lisa is the practitioner for you. She is available for treatments, sessions and mentorships.

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