Kiya Shanti

Kiya is a tantra, ecstatic dance and breathwork facilitator, born in England, and now working internationally. His passion is to create spaces for divine and ecstatic embodied connection – with ourselves and with others.

After years of conscious dance training, he began offering Ecstatic Trance Dance to the public in 2008, as well as commencing a deep facilitator training in Rebirthing Breathwork, both of which laid the foundations for the deep states that Kiya loves to guide people into. He loves to create ‘full spectrum experiences’ that journey from the depths to the heights of what it is to be human, in a deeply embodied way. At the core of all his work is the use of breathwork to support people in accessing higher states of consciousness.

7 years ago he began to focus more on Tantra, and created a documentary called ‘Sex to Spirit’, featuring many names in the global tantra scene (to be released next year!). Alongside this he trained to embody the tantric teachings even more, studying with Shashi Solluna, Minke De Vos, Layla Martin, and the Baul Mystics in India, as well as embodying a wide range of Osho meditations.

Today he offers a unique fusion of tantra, dance and breathwork, which is deep and profound, as well as being playful and fun. He offers group classes and workshops, and also one-to-one Tantric Breathwork sessions.

Come laugh, feel, open, cry, get ecstatic, connect with others, go deep, and rise up high!

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