Milou Ananda

Milou is a tantrica from sweden/pakistan dedicated to live the raw experience of life.Coming from a strict path of yoga and meditation from living in india for 5 years she started her journey into healing and liberation together with a tantric partner . Being initiated through rituals, ceremonies and full-on, full-time studies of tantric practices sharing the gifts discovered with the world came very natural.

From a batchelor in Neuro Science and 1000 hours of Medical Yoga to conscious sensuality & tantra massage month intense in Hawaii, Sex Magic with Margot Anand & Orgasmic Healing Sascha Cobra: the part of her “education” that she values the most is really from being in a tantric relationship with her man and an everyday life of penetrating old patterns into an expanded new reality, moving from the personal to the universal. Today she is working full time giving tantric healing sessions with a clientele in Copenhagen and US. She is organising retreats and festivals Healing Arts (india) and Erotic Healing Arts Retreat (US).

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