We Want to Create a Festival with:

Deeper Love

It’s simple – when we relax what we think we know about life and allow ourselves to rest and feel from the heart many problems and divisions are healed, there is a natural inclusion and acceptance of others first and foremost.


Expanded Awareness

When we come together to share knowledge and perspectives from different wisdom traditions it allows us to grow into ever deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it.

More Integration

Let’s find ways to accept and include all the different aspects of ourselves, from inside to outside, yin to yang, dance to silent sitting.


And then we bring all these things together into the world and into our actions, so we really inhabit our bodies, allowing the best for ourselves and others.

Our Mission

Our aim is creating a festival that embraces all forms of tantra from traditional to more neo-tantra approaches. Tantra is about integrating it all with awareness after all, so we recognise all approches as playing a valuable part in our full realisation. This is a unique opportunity to taste diverse transmissions about tantra from a wide range of international and local teachers. As well as being introduced to teachings and concepts we will also discover what our truths are as we experience them directly through workshops and ceremony structures…

…and we certainly did just that in at the first festival in 2015! That was an initiation by fire fire – quite literally as the venue for the festival was caught in one of the largest fires in California at Harbin Hotsprings right in the middle of it. What was amazing, is how we all transformed adversity into an incredible heart opening experience. We moved the whole festival, participants and catering to a nearby venue and continued right until the end. It was literally “Living Tantra”  – an incredible the depth of closeness formed between everyone, senses became more heightened and people became very alive in that awakening.

Last year we moved to a new larger venue with huge success, so much so that we decided to make the festival one day longer as we were all left wanting more!

James & Eugene (Festival Organizers)

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