Freya McFarlane

Freya is a passionate Pleasure Coach, Teacher of Sacred Sexuality and a ritual space holder for Tantric Bodywork. Freya’s journey into tantra began as a student midwife in Mexico, supporting young women to birth naturally & journey into their bodies. She observed a strong, natural flow of sexual energy and divine presence in the young mothers who were able to drop into the moment & guide their babies into the world.

Upon returning to U.K and studying in the NHS, Freya found there was a huge disparity and challenge for the mothers to give birth naturally. Leaving the NHS to find answers, Freya began studying the art of sacred sexuality and energy work as a means to support the feminine in finding her power to birth and be more present with life.

Many years later, Freya’s now works with all genders in returning to pleasure and rediscovering true erotic nature. Influenced strongly by her studies in Tao tantric practices, QiQong & traditional shamanism; Freya bring together a unique mix of flavours and continues grow as an international teacher.

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