Rachel Kadison

Rachel Kadison is a tantrika committed to bringing as much love, light, and connection as she can to each moment. With a background in tantric massage, intuitive energy work, sound healing, the tarot and music, Rachel’s session work is a unique and heart opening combination of these elements.
Rachel is currently practicing full time as a tantric healing facilitator, encouraging clients towards a deeper understanding of self love, self expression, gratitude, self realization, deep relaxation and bliss. Rachel’s belief is that our second chakra energy is one of the most potent creative and manifestation forces on the planet, and that through working with intention we can use this energy to magnetize our dreams into reality. Rachel’s workshops, classes and sessions support and encourage the conscious creation of our own reality while releasing what no longer serves.

Rachel has been immersed in tantra practices and personal expansion education as well as having graduated from both the School of Tribal Tantra tantric practitioner training and month long facilitation training.

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