Awaken as Love - Stage 1 - Initiation

September 16th – 22nd, 2019 – Abrams Creek, West Virginia

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Stage 1 – the Initiation

The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that will expand you beyond the boundaries of your current existence. What will it bring to you? More awareness, more love, more inclusion, more juice to your life and more depth if you allow it.

This first stage is called “Initiation” because if you choose this then all your experiences up til now have led you to this point and you are obviously ready to step into a wider reality – in doing so you enter fresh and new, open to discovering more.

As you step into this journey you will encounter maps that help you understand the larger world and your place in it (this is beyond your imagination), tools which help you to play more fully in this world, embodied experiences which help you to anchor a new reality and finally ongoing resources which help to integrate and incorporate this into your life.

Your Facilitators

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James Stevenson (Lead Facilitator)

Monique Darling (Co-Facilitator)

Riya Sokol (Co-Facilitator)

Peter Petersen (Co-Facilitator)

Who is it for?

In this initiation, you will be entering into the worlds of Tantra, Shamanism, Integral Theory and Embodied Spirituality. It is a journey taken by those on a personal path of growth and also who are already facilitators, practitioners or looking to become so – as it will add a deeper understanding and skill set to your work. Mainly it is for those who hear the call to consciously take part in the evolution of humanity – starting with themselves!

Path to Facilitation

It is also part of the path to becoming a facilitator in Awaken as Love.

Those who have completed stage 1 and 2 will be eligible to attend the Awaken as Love facilitators training – which will give you direct practice and feedback in teaching the structures of the Stage 1 initiation – this includes all the important details to mention, music and PDFs with the structures. Group evaluation and video feedback will be used to help bring out your inner guide. On completion of this, you will be able to co-teach the Awaken as Love Stage 1 process with a Lead Facilitator who would help guide you in your first facilitating role and you will be added to the Awaken as Love website as part of the expanding team.

The first AAL facilitators training will be held in Portugal in 2020 – more details will be announced about this soon.

Some of Areas Covered in this Training

It is not necessary to already have an understanding of any of the areas mentioned below – you will be introduced to everything and sent a comprehensive guidebook before the training with more information. This is simply for those who are curious about the content.

  • Tantric Bodywork
  • Individual Partnered Tantra Meditations
  • Archetypal Group Rituals
  • Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine Aspects
  • Character armour
  • Integral Maps
  • The 4 Dimensions of Reality
  • States of Consciousness
  • Stages of Consciousness
  • Lines of Development
  • Typological Mapping
  • Experience of Theory U
  • Shadow & Spiritual Bypassing
  • Difference between Ego and Identity
  • Identity & Regression
  • Group Dynamics
  • De-armouring
  • Shamanic Medicine Walk
  • Mindfullness and Heartfullness
  • Satori Experiences

Practical Information for Stage 1 – the Initiation

Dates: The training runs from September 16th – 22nd, 2019

Venue: Abrams Creek – 166 Abrams Creek Dr,  Elk Garden, West Virginia 26717 USA

Training Cost: Earlybird price of just $830, Normal price is $1030. Food and accommodation extra.

10% Special Discount on the training for those who joined the festival beforehand – automatic when booked together.

The training is held in the same venue as the festival that precedes it.

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Practical Information

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