Afke Lotus Reijenga

Afke is the blueprint for authentic pleasure. She loves to play, flirt and seduce. Wherever she goes she creates a vortex of love, joy, truth and light. Afke is renowned for her vivid and joyful style of yoga. Praised for the way that she brings back sacred sexuality into society. She fuses joy, love and depth. Started her international career as a model, movie-star and muse. Meanwhile, she studied, Taoistic arts, healing love, sexual kung fu and jade egg practice, conscious breath, NLP and hypnosis. Now works as a sacred sexuality coach, organises wild woman trainings and is a facilitator at yoga and tantra events.

Afke loves to empower woman and men to find their own wildness and to guide them to more pleasure and self love. During the last year her work went more online, where she created quite a following and she has been teaching at major festivals like: ISTA, One World Tantra, Shadows and Light festival.

Next to love and eros as a healing medicine, she loves to work with plant medicine as a way to connect to love and the divine. After more then 25 years of hands on experience she started two years ago with guiding psilocybine ceremonies in her tipi in The Netherlands.

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