Welcome to the Awaken as Love Festival of Tantra and Shamanism

This festival has been postponed to 2020

NOTE THIS FESTIVAL HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL 2020 – visit www.awakenaslove.com/festivals to find alternative festivals.

Days of Celebration


Acres of Land

International Attendees

In September 2019 the beautiful countryside of Abrams Creek in West Virginia, USA  will be transformed into a vibrant festival celebrating the best of Tantra and Shamanism.

You will be with a group of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, tasty vegetarian food and some of the best International Facilitators, Musicians, DJs & Healing Team.

They are there to support you to join a 4-day experience to create more intimacy in yourself, with life and in your relationships as well as discover your own shamanic wisdom.

Am I Welcome?

Yes! We embrace all relationship styles, orientations and ages over 18. Whether you are single —wanting to interact and explore with others— or a couple wishing to deepen your intimacy, the festival is the perfect environment to dive in!

Who is holding it?

The festival is held by the Awaken as Love Faculty James, Riya, Monique & Peter along with a team of International Workshop Leaders, Session Givers, Emotional Support Crew, DJs and Performers, Volunteers and Retreat Centre Workers.

Where is it?

The Festival is held at Abrams Creek – a rustic retreat center in West Virgina with lush mountains, year-round rivers and streams, clean mountain air, geodesic domes for workshops and a healthy vegetarian food.

Awaken as Love Stage 1 – Initiation Training

The festival is a prelude to the first ever Awaken as Love Initiation training in the USA. These retreats which have been popular in Europe and Asia are designed for participants to take an evolutionary leap beyond the mob mentality into a new level of existence.

And, if you’ve been inspired by what you’ve experienced in the festival then you can continue on for another week in a training designed to both deepen your growth and potentially start the journey of doing this work yourself.

The Awaken as Love retreats offer maps, tools and experiences from Tantra, Shamanism, Embodiment and Integral practices to take your life to the next level.

It has been said that a quantum leap occurs in humans when they realise and embody the most recent unfolding edge of our consciousness named “Integral Consciousness”, and that it takes just 10% of the world population to steady themselves at this level to form a critical mass that will help bring the rest with them. It is in this stage of consciousness that the solutions to more complex problems the world faces today start to reveal themselves – and this is what we will explore. Find out more here

Those attending the festival get a 10% discount off the training!


Are you ready?

You can book tickets directly here.

Need more information?

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